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About Us

Welcome! My name is Maryle Malloy, and Pixels4Pets is my baby. Pixels4Pets is a division of my company, Wide Web Advisor, LLC. We have three divisions within the organization, our Branding and Marketing Agency, an Organizational Management Consulting firm, and Pixels4Pets, our Fine Art printing service.

Pixels4Pets specializes in printing Fine Art Wall Decor with a few other select products we know appeal to us pet lovers.

I’ve created two options for our print customers. The first option is our Instant Order service that lets you create a piece of Fine Art on Canvas or Fine Art Paper direct from the website. It’s a 3-step process with you in charge. The second option is our Concierge Service. As a concierge client, we work with you on every aspect of your project, from consulting about the image itself, to the interior style of your space, colors, and placement within the space. Should you choose our artistic customization service, we begin there. Once that phase is completed, we help you select the right media, be it canvas or fine art paper, select the mounting, finishing, and framing. We charge a flat, all-inclusive fee for our Concierge Service. Fees are provided through a Proposal for Services with a quote based on individual needs.

As a fine art reproduction print provider, Pixels4Pets works with individuals, designers, and businesses requiring specialized print projects.

The majority of our canvas printing is done here in the United States, using environmentally sustainable items. We do have a print partner in the UK and may use them on occasion, with customer approval.

Artistic Background

I’ve introduced our business model, and now here is some personal and professional information about me. I come from a family of artists and designers. My mother was one of the founding members of ISID, in San Diego (International Society of Interior Designers) By profession, I am a graphic designer, branding and marketing specialist, and veterinary management consultant.  I began designing graphics and packaging back in 1986. In the late ’80s, I  began to design hand-painted furniture, creating designs on furniture I had custom-made for me. I exhibited in a small gallery and was also accepted into a juried art show. Fast forward to 2003 when I took a position with a Fine Art Photography Gallery in the well-known art community of Taos, New Mexico. I spent a year there, learning about the process of fine art photography and framing.

I have used my graphic design skills continuously since 1986, perfecting those skills while adding web design and other skills along the way.


My history with animals began as a toddler watching our cat give birth to a litter of kittens. Never without a companion animal by my side, I’ve lived with and loved dogs, horses, cats, and even a rat or two. I’ve been owned by mixed-breed dogs, Dobermans, Australian Shepherds, Great Pyrenees, a Silky Terrier, a Springer Spaniel, Gordon Setters, and Golden Retrievers. I’ve owned Morgan horses and Quarter Horses. I’ve competed in equine events with Morgans, Quarter Horses, and  Thoroughbreds. The cats in my life ranged from a barn cat or two to a beloved Siamese, two Rag Dolls, and my current beloved cat, Grace.

My constant companions are Skyler, a Wirehair Dachshund, and Amazing Grace the “purrfect” cat. Skyler was a gift to me from noted Wirehair Dachshund breeder Shirley Ray, after I lost my two Longhair Dachshunds from old age several years ago. That’s Skyler you see sitting on the log in the picture. I found Grace at the tender age of 7-weeks at Watermelon Ranch, a local shelter here in Albuquerque. The moment I held her, I knew we were destined for each other. You’ll see Grace’s portrait and other photos of her sprinkled throughout this site.

Dogs & Dog Shows

In 1988 I acquired a Golden Retriever male puppy, his name was Torry. A year later I acquired a puppy bitch, Trina, who would become the foundation for my successful breeding program under the kennel name Goodtimes Golden Retrievers. In a span of 10-years, Goodtimes produced 25 champions, Best in Show dogs, Outstanding Sires and Dams, Obedience champions, Search and Rescue dogs and the foundation stock for a Guide Dog organization. My book, The Golden Retriever, An Owners Survival Guide, was the recipient of a Dog Writer’s of America award in 2004 and can still be found on Amazon and other bookseller’s sites. I am a retired AKC judge. I was approved to judge Golden Retrievers and Junior Showmanship.

Horses & Horse Shows

As a child growing up in the Northern California countryside, I developed an early interest and love of horses. Unable to have my own horse, I nevertheless spent hours sitting with horses in pastures, and dreaming that one day I’d have my own herd of horses. At the age of 27, a wife, and mother of three young children, I began to live my dream and began taking riding lessons.

As I progressed I purchased my first horse. Bay. Now Bay was a bit of a disaster for a novice owner. Even though I was boarding him and riding with my trainer, he was too much horse for me, so he was sold to a more experienced rider.

As I progressed in my abilities as a rider,  the show bug hit. Fast forward to the beginning of my show career riding Morgans, and a Thoroughbred or two. I rode in Western pleasure, English pleasure, Pleasure Driving, and Dressage.

In 1972 I purchased my first Quarter Horse as a yearling; thus began my dream of living with a herd of horses. Under the ranch name, R & M Quarter horses, my husband and I produced numerous AQHA Superior Halter and Superior Pleasure Horses. I took off my spurs and boots and hung up my hat in 2012. I miss it every day!

My Promise to You

 “From a very early age, animals helped me to cope with situations that were often uncomfortable. Creatures, both large and small, have made my life more complete. In return, I’ve loved them, cared for them, and suffered with them as their time on earth ended.

Just as I have cared for the animals entrusted to my care, I promise you that I and my team will handle your precious photo memories with love.”