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Printing Service

Concierge Pre-Press Services

Select Concierge Printing from Add-On Services at Checkout

Pixels4Pets Instant Order process was designed so almost anyone can order prints online without assistance. However, if taking it on by yourself seems too daunting, at least for the first time, we offer a concierge service where we provide expert help. A dedicated print specialist whose job is to review and confirm the production of your print will perform the following tasks:

File Review – We ensure all the bases are covered from image resolution to color settings.

Print Composition – Make sure the size selected is optimal for the file. Your print specialist will make corrections to cropping or the orientation for you to review if it appears it will be beneficial or prevent the loss of certain elements within the print.

Color Correction – Our color correction service analyzes your photo and optimizes the tones to achieve the correct contrast and saturation. This ensures that the result is as close to perfect as possible when printed on the media (canvas or fine art paper) of your choice.