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Any glimpse into the life of an animal quickens our own and makes it so much larger and better in every way.

~ John Muir

Concierge Services


Pre-Press Services


Convert Smartphone Image


We’re excited to offer our Smartphone Photo Conversion service for converting smartphone photos into high-quality images suitable for printing. Some of the most endearing images of animals are captured with the camera on our smartphones. We’re happy to say that when you add this optional add-on service, your photo will be ready for high-quality printing. In addition to us using that image for your print order, we’ll upload the original in 300 dpi for your files.

When ordering your Fine Art Print, simply select the Add On from the Optional Services dropdown menu.


Remove Minor Imperfections


Minor imperfections for removal of such things as date-stamps, red-eye, minor dust, minor scratches, and blemishes, can be removed by our Art Department. Select Minor Adjustments from the dropdown menu on your chosen product page when ordering your first print product.


Concierge Printing


Pixels4Pets Instant Order process was designed so almost anyone can order prints online without assistance. However, if taking it on by yourself seems too daunting, at least for the first time, we offer a concierge service where we provide expert help. This gives you a dedicated print specialist whose job is to review and confirm the production of your print. Here’s what we do for you.

  • File Review – We ensure all the bases are covered from image resolution to color settings.
  • Print Composition – Make sure the size selected is optimal for the file. Your print specialist will make corrections to cropping or the orientation for you to review if it appears it will be beneficial or prevent the loss of certain elements within the print.
  • Color Correction – Our color correction service analyzes your photo and optimizes the tones to achieve the correct contrast and saturation. This ensures that the result is as close to perfect as possible when printed on the media (canvas or fine art paper) of your choice.


30-Minute Picture Framing Consultation


When selecting a frame, there are many things to consider, such as what you’re framing the media, (i.e., canvas, paper, oil on canvas. or a child’s watercolor.) How does the item strike you? Casual? Formal? Is it a colorful piece you want to tone down or a neutral piece you want to make bolder? Is it a portrait that needs a frame that will take a back seat or a landscape that requires treatment with presence? That’s where we come in. We’ll start with the art, talk about where it will be displayed, , think about the scale of the piece, and discuss your budget.

Here’s our 3-Step Process for helping you select and order framing and/or matting for your fine art.

  1. Frame Consultation for $50 from the dropdown menu on any Canvas or Fine Art product page
  2. Upload the photo you want to print
  3. Schedule your Zoom Consulting call
  4. During your consulting session, we’ll consider we’ll discuss your image, the type of art print you’re interested in, your interior colors, and the room where the artwork will be displayed.
  5. Based on our findings, we’ll put together (3) frame designs for your consideration. Once you decide, we’ll send put together your order, send it to you with an invoice, bill your credit card, and create your new wall art.


Artist Customization Package

Private Treaty – Flat Fee Quote

Looking for advice and support on the techniques available to customize your photos such as oil painting, watercolor, or sketch. We’ll help you with all that and more, such as the choice of mounting and framing. We walk you through the entire process from start to finish.

Here’s what’s included in the Artist Customization Package.

  • All of the pre-press services that are listed here, plus;
  • We consult with you to determine the artistic look you are trying to achieve, the interior aspects of the room where the art will be placed, the style of other pieces of art in your environment, and more…
  • We customize your photo with oil painting or other techniques upon request.
  • We help you select the appropriate frame and/or mat if you choose to frame your artwork.
  • We provide you with a quote that includes all your chosen options. Once approved, we collect the balance due and create your new wall art. Please note: A deposit of $250 is required when selecting the Artist Customization Package